My Work

I usually paint my very small works [5"x7" or 7"x5"] on card, flat on a table, using both knives and brushes. My preferred medium is oils although I use an Alkyd version for quicker drying. A single work can take a few minutes or many hours and I freely admit and hope for elements of serendipity in the outcome. Each piece is consequently unique and cannot be exactly reproduced.

My larger pieces [up to 30"x32"] have the same characteristics but are almost always painted on hardboard and usually on the rough side. This has many of the qualities of canvas although it also has a good many natural faults, but it does enable me to apply pressure and weight without concern. I can also take off excess paint easily!

Perhaps the most important feature of my work is the fact that because it is painted flat and because I work on the image from all sides, it has a sculptural quality, by which I mean by that it has equal validity when viewed from any aspect. A buyer can therefore chose to view it "any way up." In fact I tell my customers that they are buying four pictures with every image bought!

How I work
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